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Welcome to Jack’s Shed

Exciting new Social Enterprise!

We are very excited to have recently taken over the operation of Jack’s Shed!  You may have noticed Jack’s Shed at the Aquarena complex on Pass Street, Wonthella.  It was founded in 1995 by the Aquarena user group and operated as a newspaper recycling facility. Money raised from Jack’s Shed was put back into the Aquarena and many of the facilities we enjoy today, like the Biff, outdoor shade and crèche to name a few, were thanks to the wonderful efforts of the user group.

Midwest Community Living Association are proud to be continuing this wonderful community minded initiative.  Operating as a social enterprise, Jack’s Shed will give our customers the opportunity to volunteer their time to a meaningful and rewarding cause.  Volunteers, with the support of their support worker superstars, will work collaboratively to collect newspapers from various local businesses, then sort and bundle the newspapers at Jack’s Shed ready for transport to Perth where they will be re-purposed as organic soil stabilizer.

We are so excited at the possibilities Jack’s Shed gives our customers, just to name a few;

  • Exposure to local business and meeting new people
  • Developing and fostering ongoing community connections
  • Opportunity to develop skills for potential future employment
  • Opportunity to contribute to our community by reducing landfill and recycling
  • Sense of achievement volunteering to enhance opportunities for people with disability in our community
  • Having fun working with fellow volunteers!

All proceeds raised from the recycling will be put directly back into initiatives to enhance opportunities and experiences for people with disability in our local community.

We are very fortunate and grateful to have the support of Geraldton Transport, who have very generously jumped on board to transport our papers to Perth for us.

This community minded spirit is priceless and makes our social enterprise possible!


Since we commenced in February 2023 we have already saved 14 tonnes of newspaper from local landfill…..and we have had a lot of fun learning new skills and meeting new people along the way so far!

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