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NeilTrish & Neil

Over the past ten years the dedicated team at Midwest Community Living has enabled Neil to live in his own home as part of the community, supporting him to be independent and encouraging him in developing skills and making choices and decisions around how he wishes to live his life. MWCLA has worked proactively with Neil and “Aunty Trish” in developing strategies to help him overcome the challenges he sometimes faces as a young man living with a disability.

Neil shares his home with another young man of similar age. Together they are assisted to undertake the responsibilities of living independently, sharing the housework, budgeting, shopping, paying bill and preparing meals. Neil is supported to work as volunteer at Foodbank twice a week and also attends the Community Kitchen where he enjoys learning new cooking skills in a social, interactive environment. Among various other activities Neil attends local footy during the season and made a trip to Perth last year to see his beloved Dockers.

“I value the great relationship Neil and I have with Midwest Community Living. We all work together as a team in supporting Neil to live the lifestyle he chooses”

- Trish Harvey (“Aunty Trish”)


Anne and Steve are like any other couple, they enjoy going out for meals, socialising with friends and taking pride in their home whilst enjoying each other’s company. A few years ago life as they knew it changed when Anne suffered from a stroke. Steve, a self-employed business owner had overnight became the main carer for Anne, supporting her while she began the journey to recovery.

When it was discovered that the stroke had caused a long term disability Anne and Steve’s world crashed down on them. Steve had a business to run, Anne was unable to return to work and they needed an income to pay their bills.

Upon receiving funding, Anne and Steve engaged Midwest Community Living to support Anne whilst Steve worked. The organisation has provided support for Anne and Steve for over 10 years. Steve is able to go about running his business while Anne has whatever assistance she requires to run her home, attend therapy, appointments etc. and to participate in social outings.

Anne and Steve have strong input on how the support is managed and who is employed to provide the support. They continue to enjoy a lifestyle of choice and opportunity.


From volunteering at St Vinnies to Community Kitchen through to golfing, swimming and catching up with friends – Kylie has a busy and fulfilling life. Midwest Community Living supports Kylie’s involvement and participation in the areas she enjoys and benefits from, we are always willing to assist and encourage Kylie when she decides she would like to try new things.








A recent school leaver, Josh has been trying out new activities as well as maintaining previous connections. He continues to contribute to the Red Cross shop by volunteering; this was a role he commenced while at school. He is looking after his physical health though involvement with activities such has swimming. Josh is also enjoying a variety of new experiences such as our Community Kitchen where he has made new friends and continues to learn new skills. As Josh grows and matures we will continue to work alongside him and his family to ensure he is offered opportunities that will help him reach his potential.