Support Coordination

Support Coordination is a special service that you can access using your NDIS funding that is designed to help you fully understand and utilise your NDIS plan, and help you learn how to organise service providers and manage your NDIS budget in the future. 

MWLCA's Support Coordinator, Mary, can help you with:

  • Finding, choosing and signing up with the best service providers to suit your needs
  • Understanding how the funds in your NDIS plan can be used
  • Budgeting your NDIS funds
  • Accessing and using the NDIS portal
  • Helping you out when problems arise with your service providers
  • Assisting you get ready for your NDIS annual plan review

The NDIS is a big change for a lot of people. Your Support Coordinator can help you to navigate this new system, help you to manage your services and supports to make sure you get the best from your NDIS plan.They can provide assistance in working with you to resolve problems or issues that arise, identify solutions and consider new goals.

If you want to access this service, you need to ask for Support Coordination to be added into your plan during your planning meeting. You can request it regardless of how your plan funds are managed - it doesn't matter if you are agency managed, plan managed or self managed. 

If you want to find out more about how MWCLA can assist you in getting the most out of your NDIS plan, contact Mary Collier on 08 9921 1505 or