Our Service

Neil BlaiChef DavidIndividualised Lifestyle Support ….

We offer individualised services, with you at the centre of the support. Assisting and encouraging you to live a lifestyle of opportunity and choice at home and in the community.

We tailor the support to your needs, whether it is a couple of hours a week through to more intensive support we’ll be there.

Support to live in your own home …..

Helping you to make your house a home. . . . We help you to manage your household by providing support with everyday things. Support to learn life skills such as housekeeping, meal preparation, transport training, money management and shopping;

  • Assistance with making healthy choices in planning and cooking meals.
  • Keeping on top of the household chores
  • Laundry
  • Budgeting – helping you to manage your money
  • Gardening – whether it is planting a veggie patch, pulling weeds or helping you to organise a lawn mower company.
  • Shopping and bill paying – getting there, getting home and getting the things you need.
  • Assistance to attend medical, dental, therapy and other appointments.
  • Personal Care Support – we can assist with your daily personal care needs; our staff are trained in medication, manual handling, first aid and a range of specific procedures. We are mindful of your dignity and treat you with respect.
  • Help to figure out ways to solve everyday problems

We can also assist you to find a place to call home – talk to us about housing options.

Build your independence - opportunities ….

We can work alongside you in learning new skills and in gaining confidence. We support the decisions you make in regards to your life. We celebrate the milestones with you! Our opportunities include:

  • Community Kitchen – a social environment to learn how to cook simple, tasty, nutritious food.
  • Independent Living Skills - aimed at developing independent living skills in and around the home. We tailor this to individual needs using a variety of learning methods including ASDAN. Our Independent Living Skills opportunity can take place in your own home or in our own Independent Living Environment.


YOUNG ADULTS – Life after school ….

We ensure the right mix of supports is in place to assist with the journey upon leaving school. 

We work with school leavers and their families to assist with the transition from school to the “adult” world. We understand this can be a time of big change for many people. Through various avenues of opportunity young people with disability are assisted to develop the skills they need to increase their independence and participate as valued and active members of the community when they leave school.


THE COMMUNITY - Being part of the community ……

Getting out and about – you may need some help with being involved in community events, volunteering, maintaining relationships and making new friends. Having fun!! We keep in touch with what is going on in the community so we can offer you opportunities to participate in various activities and local events.

  • Maintaining and developing friendships and informal community connections;
  • Participating in sporting and recreational activities – staying fit and healthy;
  • Accessing educational and training courses;
  • Support to access and attend volunteer roles – gaining valuable experience for future employment options.

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FAMILIES / CARERS – Peer to Peer support . . .

Sometimes you may just need to talk with someone who has a shared experience with caring for someone who has a disability. Whether it is one and one or in a group we can help you connect to someone who can share knowledge, experiences and offer practical support.

Community Kitchen

Community KitchenThe Community Kitchen concept is an Australia wide group aimed at developing a sense of community around food. It gives people the opportunity to develop new friendships, whilst further developing skills in cooking affordable meals. Participants come from many different walks of life and every member has strengths and skills which can be passed on to other members of the group.

Upon trying to source a community kitchen for some of the people who we support we found there wasn’t one Geraldton. With the help of the Lighthouse Church who provide the venue we registered our own Community Kitchen.

The kitchen has been running for two years and is at full capacity of attendance each week. The Community Kitchen is facilitated by Kylie, who is one of the people we support; she is assisted by Midwest Community Living Association Support Workers