With the transition to NDIS occurring in July 2019 and the increased emphasis on disability services organisations to work in a commercialised environment, MWCLA had to carefully consider where we sit in the disability service market place, how people both internal and external to our organisation feel about the way we deliver supports, where we are going in the future and how well we present the right image. 

In September 2019, we conducted a survey to see how our customers and staff felt about our organisation, and received wonderful, positive responses, including:

  • Friendly and approachable
  • Vibrant and bubbly
  • Customer focused
  • Welcoming and inclusive
  • Flexible
  • Non-judgemental
  • Personalised and individual
  • Professional
  • Freedom and independence
  • Empowerment and opportunities
  • Choice and control

It was however identified, that our existing logo had "passed it's use by date" and no longer reflected how the organisation wanted to be seen, and we decided it was time for a new visual identity. 


Several Geraldton graphic designers submitted quotes, and we engaged Rachel Weaver of Studio 8T4. She was given the brief that the new visual identity must reflect:

  • Focus on customer’s independence and ability to make their own decisions
  • Person-centred services, delivered in a professional way
  • Local – not run from a head office in a big city
  • Progressive and innovative organisation
  • A diverse range of services, only available to people with disability
  • NDIS experts

As the concepts were received, they were shared with customers and staff members so we could get a wide range of opinions, and feedback was considered and incorporated into refining the concepts. 

The final design was recommended by the project panel, and approved by the MWCLA board in December. 

The Logo - Connect & Support

With a focus on strong connection and support, the concept captures a network of options and direction. Personal and independent choices to be made by each individual. Layered components represent each of our areas of operation - Disability Supports (a sun representing optimism and hope), NDIS Support Coordination (a Geraldton Wax flower representing growth and local support)  and Therapeutic Supports (a star representing life goals) - and come together to form a single three-colour icon. The colours are inspired by our unique Midwest region - warm sunshine over golden crops, our sparkling turquoise oceans and the iconic Geraldton Wax blossom.


Our fresh new look will be rolled out progressively starting January 2020, as we release new publications and our new website.